e-health project in Uzbekistan is estimated at $600 million

by Gazeta.uz 28 Jan 2020.

Digitalization of the healthcare system is estimated at $ 600 million. According to the Prime Minister, this amount is planned to be reduced by attracting domestic programmers.

The "E-health" project to digitalize the health care system in Uzbekistan is estimated at $ 600 million. This was announced by Prime Minister Abdullah Aripov at a meeting of the legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis on January 22. "Digitalization of the healthcare system is a big process. Here it is not possible to solve the problem by installing a computer. You need to create a database, this is telemedicine, diagnosis by remote interaction. This is a very complex system, you can't create it in one day. When we calculated the feasibility study, 600 million dollars came out, but this is if we buy abroad, " the head of government said. The Prime Minister said that modern information and communication technologies are being introduced into the activities of the Tashkent ambulance service, but this does not fully imply digitalization. In the salons of the new reanimobiles, video surveillance cameras are installed for remote communication of ambulance workers with the call center of the city ambulance station of the Republican scientific center for emergency medical care, if necessary, consultations with doctors. "They were given tablets, but these tablets do not yet contain information about each client or patient in Tashkent. This is only the first step, " he said. The head of government noted that according to the presidential decree, Uzbekistan will fully switch to the system of compulsory medical insurance by 2025. By this time, it is planned to fully implement the "e-health" project. "No country has switched to this system in one year. According to our calculations, the cost of this project will not reach $ 600 million. It will be less, because we want to implement it with the help of domestic programmers, " the Prime Minister said.

In may 2019, the Ministry of health was instructed to develop and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft presidential decree on the introduction of "e-health", a single medical database and the creation of a complex of integrated information systems that provide the ability to: a) for the population: getting information about medical organizations and services provided; getting information about the qualification of doctors, length of service, time of admission, organization of "electronic queue", including the possibility of remote reservation; assessment of the quality of services provided, including the activities of medical staff; access to the system via mobile apps; b) for medical organizations and health management bodies: transition to an innovative social-oriented type of development; implementation of the standardization system in the field of health care; optimization of the workflow by implementing electronic document management (filling out medical records and medical records, issuing " electronic prescriptions»); accounting and monitoring of medical personnel, medicines, medical devices and medical equipment, consumables; implementation and monitoring of financial transactions under programs of free medical care guaranteed by the state, assessment of future expenses of medical organizations, as well as analysis of possible risks; maintaining medical statistics, accounting and reporting, and supporting the national health accounts system; integration with information systems of other medical organizations and exchange of information.

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